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Swim with Dolphin Adventure cruise to Snorkel with Dolphin aboard an 85' expedition yacht. Small group cruise to encounter friendly wild dolphins in their natural environment.
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Snorkel and swim with Dolphins !

Snorkeling with wild dolphins is the ultimate in natural dolphin encounters. These dolphins are not caged, trained or fed. They love to play and have been interating with people for over 30 years. Swim with dolphins.

The most unique and exciting adventure cruise aboard an 85' expedition yacht. Specializing in introducing small groups of people to pods of Atlantic Spotted Dolphins in their natural environment. Live aboard cruises are the best way to experience wild dolphin. You stay on the boat and the boat stays were the dolphins live.

swim with dolphins
Snorkeling and playing a game.

Spotted Dolphins love to play, and that's the whole basis of our human swim with dolphin interactions. They are in complete control of the encounter. Our relationships are centered around play and curiosity. These dolphin have come to trust us. Come join us to make friends with wild dolphins. This incredible swim with dolphin experience will give you memories that last a lifetime.

Join us and benefit from a 30 year relationship and research project with the playful Spotted Dolphin of the Bahamas.

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Dolphin trips
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Dolphin trips are mostly snorkeling with dolphins, with some other activities. You might want to snorkel on a shallow reef or wreck both loaded with fish and sometimes turtles. You may want try your luck with fishing and catch the group a meal. These are great trips for families that love snorkeling and the ocean.

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More serious SCUBA divers would want a dive trip with four to five dives a day. Reef dives, wreck dives, shark dives, night dives and a couple of dolphin encounters. See our SCUBA dive web site at

Our adventure cruises begin in Palm Beach, Florida aboard the Dolphin Dream with a maximum of 12 passengers. We depart for the Bahamas to explore the ocean waters where the dolphins live. With sun drenched days playing in the water or just relaxing in the sun. You sleep on board the boat for a whole week. Spending the balmy tropical nights anchored under the stars. Our helpful friendly crew are experienced professionals, dedicated to making your adventure one you'll never forget! We will cook, clean and make sure you are having the time of your life. After a fun and exciting week interacting with mother natures creatures we return to Palm Beach, Florida.

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